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Poker Players Denied Cashouts on Lock Poker

Poker Players Denied Cashouts on Lock Poker

Ideally you aren’t trying to withdraw lock, stock or barrel from Lock Poker now; you are not having much luck if you are, most likely. Lock Poker, the Revolution Gaming Network’s flagship web site, has reportedly been refusing to honor cashouts, even going so far as to put a prohibition on large-scale cashouts, duration. Appears like maybe the flag on this ship should be lowered to half-mast.

Ongoing Cashout Issues

Yup, it smells like yet another online poker Ponzi scheme at work right here. Two-to-four month cashout speeds for U.S. players, and even the ROW (‘rest of the world’) players are saying that Neteller and Skrill are taking a languid thirty days to get them their dough. Negative. Perhaps Not good at all. Especially after couple of years of all the dark, dirty secrets of Full Tilt and Poker Stars floating like jetsam and flotsam on the U.S. Department of Justice’s dockets.

Chip Trades Cause Problems

Like most of those situations, by the time the seriousness of the problem begins to surface, it may be too late for numerous to salvage. Apparently, players was poker that is trading chips on the Two Plus Two forum, and several, if not most, of those trades included Lock Poker’s potato chips. The chips were being traded low anyway; about 50 cents in the dollar due to the cashout that is slow. Appears this one player that is online called Thejuggernaut, attempted to produce a $10K Skrill cashout happen back in March, and it Continue reading

Where Have You Been deciding on University? At the beginning of my senior year

Where Have You Been deciding on University? At the beginning of my senior year I had been extremely aware of the looming college procedure. The majority of people inside my highschool went on to college so ‘where are you applying?’ was a standard concern. At this time, I’d already met having a couple university counselors, been on a visit towards the south and east shore to visit schools and taken the SAT. You would think that have made me feel prepared, or like I comprehended just what the application process and purpose that is overall of ended up being, but that was far from the truth.

My parents both have actually advanced level degrees and I also always knew college was part of my future. As being a total result, used to don’t notice as such a thing that we possessed an option in or ownership over. My parents, very thoughtfully, decided where I went to primary, middle and high college so that the sudden pressure of me having to make the decision of where to attend school, the decision that is biggest we’d make to date had been overwhelming. We knew I needed away from California but beyond that knew almost no in regards to the operational differences when considering a big, personal research university and a tiny, liberal arts university.

No concept was had by me of what We wanted regarding my life so building my college list, in retrospect, ended up being like tossing darts at a board. Someone would point out an educational school, we’d perhaps have hear Continue reading

Beyond the Merit Scholarship…. Just What Else is Out There?

Beyond the Merit Scholarship…. Just What Else is Out There?

Every year while the merit scholarship program, awarded by the Office of Undergraduate Admission, is the largest merit-based scholarship program offered at USC and does not require any separate application, there are some merit-based scholarships put on by various groups on campus that provide scholarships to hundreds of students. Some teams that award such scholarships consist of the Latino Alumni Association, the Black Alumni Association, Town and Gown (for Southern California residents), the Lambda LGBT Alumni Association, etc. These merit scholarships do indeed require an application that is separate addition to the application for admission, and as the deadlines are fast approaching, you may wish to think of applying to any that pertain to you. For a complete directory of merit scholarships and due dates, please visit USC Scholarships and download the PDF at the end associated with the web page.

One that we want to highlight could be the Norman Topping Student Aid Fund (NTSAF). The reason of this scholarship would be to offer low-income students whom have demonstrated a level that is exceptional of solution an opportunity to help fund their greater education at USC. But the scholarship spans beyond the reward that is monetary NTSAF works to create a support system for its scholars through use of academic success seminars, monthly faculty lunches, basic advising, as well as a study break program compl Continue reading