What is Nine9

At Nine9 we we’ve been helping the 99% of models and actors break into the industry since 2003. With our help, models who cannot get signed to a major modeling agency have the power to go to the same fashion auditions and casting calls as the 1% that are signed. Actors and actresses who cannot catch their big break https://www.thenipslip.com/2019/08/going-to-russia-for-a-wife-a-new-wave-of-marriages-with-foreigners/”>you know you are dating a russian woman when best hidden spy apps for android have all the tools and resources to find that one casting that will launch their career. Nine9 was created for the 99% of talent who cannot get signed to a major modeling agency; we strive to help everyone achieve their dream of being a big Hollywood star or a high fashion runway model.

Nine9 has offices in major cities including Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Providence, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Detroit (Corporate headquarters) and, of course, Los Angeles and New York.

At Nine9 we provide models and actors all the tools necessary that they need to get started and succeed in the entertainment industry. From digital composite cards to weekly workshops and meet and greets with industry professionals we have all the tools, knowledge, and resources to get your modeling and/or acting career off the ground.

Not only do we actively search for castings for our talent and submit them to those castings, but also allow for casting directors to search our database to find a specific talents that https://www.thenipslip.com/2019/08/going-to-russia-for-a-wife-a-new-wave-of-marriages-with-foreigners/”>you know you are dating a russian woman when best hidden spy apps for android the desire.  Casting directors are allowed to comb through our database to uncover that perfect person that they need for their project.  We here at Nine9 also have both the space and staff to accommodate directors that want to hold their auditions at each of our thirteen offices.  Giving you even greater access to the industry

15 thoughts on “What is Nine9

  1. Curtis gray

    I am interested in learning more about your company and possibly receiving some assistance. Thank you for your time in advance,
    Curtis o. Gray jr.

  2. Ali De'Lancret


    My name is Ali De’ Lancret and Ive heard many amazing things about your agency and I’m excited to learn more. Currently I am unrepresented and would love to know if I have what it takes to be apart of your team.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Thank you,


  3. Farrel Olum

    Hi I have been interested in being a model for a while now and I have been led to nine9 by a friend. I have been told that your agency is very good so I am willing to join. I am an 18 year old college student and I live in Pomona, Ca. I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

  4. Christo Church

    Thanks for the invite. I live in Santa Barbara so it is a bit of a drive to LA. Is there a agent in SB or could I submit photos. Also could you please describe just what meeting with Nine9 entails. Photo’s? Interview?
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Christo Church

  5. Connor tierney

    I recently had a second phone interview and was accepted to work with nine9 as a talent. I never recieved login info like they said I would. Can I please get my login info so I can start familiarizing myself with the website?

  6. Hector R Rivera

    I would like to set an appointment. I received a e-mail (last month) to set for an appointment and meet people to have the opportunity to know me and what are my expectations. Unfortunately, I had to cancelled the appointment for personal reasons, but I was told by the company’s representative that I can called back once. I resolve my problems. I would like to have the opportunity to meet someone from the company and get a feedback from him/her. Thank you for your help, time and cooperation.


    Hector Rivera

    PS. I do not have acting or modeling experience.

  7. Demetres A Gardner

    Hello so will nine9 help me get my career off the ground And make sure that im not getting mess over at any audition plays Or bening a models im trying something new for my me and my little one to make sure she good for school and college And make sure she have everything and make sure she have a good life and everything so he would not have to ask for anything at all

  8. Jonathan Naugles

    I really had agreat interview, and got a call for another tommorrow. Im very please to get start hopfully in my career, for 20-30 years.

  9. Mitch

    Hello , My name is Mitch and I am looking to start a model career. I get alot of likes on Twitter and instagram and people tell me I should take it serious. I am very interested in an opportunity with Nine9 . I would like to speak more. I can be contacted via email or at 8455414985 . Thank you

  10. Pamela Bennett

    I am a client of NIne.9. I have not heard from you. I would like to go on some auditions.
    Pamela Bennett


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